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Basic Data
NameLiu, Jia Yong
Office phone number2255
Educational qualificationBachelor of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
Job title中校教官
職掌1.Traffic Security Education, Inspection and Report
2.Daily-life Guidance (Software Engineering Section and Applied Information Section
3.Emergency Management
4.O.K. of Students’ Leaves
5.Night Emergent Hospitalization
6.Order Maintaining of Character Activities and Assembly
7.General Affairs of Life Education (Character Education, the Liberty on Campus, Rule of Law, Criminal Prevention and Human Rights)
II. General Affairs of Military Education
1.Military and Nursing Education, Public Service
2.Personnel of Military Education
3.Logistics of Military Education
III. Drop-in Assignments
IV. Joint Appointment
(一)Shuttle Bus
1.Bidding, Purchase, Contract
2.Bus Schedule Arrangement, Ticketing, Regular Review Conference
3.Affairs of Cash Requirement and Accounting

(二)Vehicles for Public Affairs (including scoters)
1.Remote Access for Faculty Members and School Club Advisors
2.Coordination with Hospitalization
3.Affairs of Regular Vehicle Checkup, Maintenance, License Tax Fuel Tax, Cash Requirement and Accounting
4.Report of Carbon Footprint of Public-Affair Vehicles
the Guidance College and DepartmentsDept. Innovative Information and Technology (Day Division)
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