Job titleNamethe Guidance College and Departments職掌Phone照片
主任Hu, Chu Fen   Personal image
中校秘書Lin-Guan-Fan  2213Personal image
中校教官Wang,Peng-Cheng  2010Personal image
校安人員WEN,SHAO-KAN  3161Personal image
校安人員LIN,LI  3227Personal image
校安人員CHANG  3728Personal image
Job titleNamethe Guidance College and Departments職掌Phone照片
中校組長Wu,Ling  3716Personal image
中校教官 HUANG,SHIH-CHIE  2675Personal image
中校教官SHEN DA JIUN  2812Personal image
中校教官CHEN SHIANG-CHI  2824Personal image
中校教官廖顏馥婷  3718Personal image
少校教官Chiu Shun Hsing  3729Personal image
校安人員Hsia Shao Chun  3245Personal image
校安人員CHIANG TEHSIN  2255Personal image
Job titleNamethe Guidance College and Departments職掌Phone照片
中校組長Wu  3770Personal image
中校教官SHIHLUN.CHIANG  3770Personal image
中校教官Chen, Sheng DaDept. French
Dept. Spanish
1. Affairs of Students’ Leaves
2. Advocacy of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Copyright Infringement
3. Outstanding Youth Selection
4. Evaluation of Off-campus Housing
5. Drop-in Assignments
3681Personal image
護理教師Zheng, Hui Wen 1. Medical Counsel and Referral
2. General Nursing Affairs
3. Assistance in Course of Professional Services
4. Evaluation and Grant of Military Education Scholarship
5. Drop-in Assignments
2406Personal image
護理教師Shih,Shu-Fen 1. Medical Counsel and Referral
2. Nursing Website Update
3. Invigilation and Allocation of Mid-term (Final) Exams
4. Assistance in Gender Equality Promotion
5. Expenditure Pass-on
6. Drop-in Assignments
2216Personal image
Job titleNamethe Guidance College and Departments職掌Phone照片
上校組長 LAI, CHIN-YEN  3044Personal image
中校教官Jhuang,Bo-Jyun  3717Personal image
中校教官SHI  3771Personal image
少校教官WEI,RUEI-CHEN  3864Personal image
校安人員Liao,Yi-Ting  3719Personal image
校安人員abc  3707Personal image
校安人員KAO AMBER  2009Personal image
校安人員LEE  2650Personal image
學輔人員Liu, Jia YongDept. Innovative Information and Technology (Day Division)
1.Traffic Security Education, Inspection and Report
2.Daily-life Guidance (Software Engineering Section and Applied Information Section
3.Emergency Management
4.O.K. of Students’ Leaves
5.Night Emergent Hospitalization
6.Order Maintaining of Character Activities and Assembly
7.General Affairs of Life Education (Character Education, the Liberty on Campus, Rule of Law, Criminal Prevention and Human Rights)
II. General Affairs of Military Education
1.Military and Nursing Education, Public Service
2.Personnel of Military Education
3.Logistics of Military Education
III. Drop-in Assignments
IV. Joint Appointment
(一)Shuttle Bus
1.Bidding, Purchase, Contract
2.Bus Schedule Arrangement, Ticketing, Regular Review Conference
3.Affairs of Cash Requirement and Accounting

(二)Vehicles for Public Affairs (including scoters)
1.Remote Access for Faculty Members and School Club Advisors
2.Coordination with Hospitalization
3.Affairs of Regular Vehicle Checkup, Maintenance, License Tax Fuel Tax, Cash Requirement and Accounting
4.Report of Carbon Footprint of Public-Affair Vehicles
 Personal image
Job titleNamethe Guidance College and Departments職掌Phone照片
校安人員Wu, Chieh Hsiung  7005Personal image
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