Concepts and Goals

The Philosophy and Sense of Value
    Based on the Quality Structure, the management philosophy coordinates with comprehensiveness, solidness, introspection and betterment and the sense of value involves with service, tolerance, empathy, balminess and trustworthiness. Besides, the daily-life guidance, campus security and national defense education are implemented in national defense, public service, counseling and friendly campus in anticipation of the students’ comfort and benefits.
   The sense of value is displayed in the School Motto: Simple, Real, Solid and Resolute in the hope that through authenticity, faithfulness is attained; through practices, laws are abided; through moderatism, unselfishness is retained; through determination, self-realization is achieved. Furthermore, all the fellow workers and students alike are anticipated to visualize both academy and integrity, public service, campus security and national defense on the School Motto basis.

The Goal of Military Education and Training on the National Defense Basis

  Military education and training involves the instruction of international situations, national defense policy, national defense, defense mobilization and defense technology, reinforcing the knowledge of national defense and military affairs and forwarding the knowledge of defense education in the hope to build up the consensus on national security and to develop theories and practices as well.
                       The Tactic Analysis Map-Out
1. Well-organized System, Quick Mobilization, Efficiency in Execution, Centripetal Force, Sense of Honor and Responsibility
2. 24/7 Point Duty, Responsiveness, Immediate Crisis Management
3. Manual on Standard Operation Procedure
1. Duty Overload Caused by the Lack of In-time Personnel Recruitment
2. The On-going Mercenary System causes the decreased recruitment of Reserve (non-Commissioned) Officers, and finally the indirect impact on the numbers of the students who take Military Education Course.
      The Founding of Salary Operations Team of Military and Nursing Instructors and The Resources Center of Campus Security and National Defense to further request the subsidies and aids from higher authorities.
1. The campus open to public access might jeopardize the security.
2. The staffing reduction leads to duty overload on the remaining staff.
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