Campus Security


Campus Security / Renting House

Points for Attention of Off-campus Housing

I. Fire Evacuation: Do the landlords provide fire distinguishers or any fire extinguishment equipments? Are the aisles, emergency exits, firebreak alleys windows with iron grating jammed or blocked?

II. Security of Electricity and Gas: Improper uses of electric devises may cause electric fires. As a result, one electric socket can’t be over plugged with devises of high power consumption. Make sure the air ventilation nice and cool around the water heaters and avoid gas leakage caused by pipeline rusty or ruptured

III. Burglar and Access Control: Make sure the gate locked well. Replace the gate lock of the bedroom or have the gate added with bolts. To avoid burglars, remain vigilant and make sure the door and windows fastened (especially at night).

IV. Beware of Pinhole Cameras: Pinhole cameras, smaller than a grain of rice, reflect the light. This makes thorough investigation on the mirror in the bathroom, the furniture in front of the bed and fitting room inevitable if you find unidentified sparks.

V. The Lease: Make sure the lease is reasonably and explicitly contracted to avoid conflicts, such as lease term, deposit, maintenance, the throw of leases and utilities (including phone bill and management fee).

VI. Care of, understand the roommates and build up a nice relation with them. Be aware of whom the roommates entertain with.

VII. Make constant contact with your parents and family members.


Overview of Off-campus Housing


I.Yingzhuan Rd.: It is right below the school gate, around the stone step and the major business district,featuring great living functions, bustling with noise and excitement and old buildings.

II.Xuefu Rd.: It is divided into two areas at No. 1, Sec. 2, Shuiyuan St.

1. The area at the mountain foot: The major housing is located ahead of No. 150 around 100th to 136th lane of Xuefu Rd. 

2. Datianliao: It is behind the building of College of Science and the playground, featuring narrow streets and lanes and traffic jam in rush hour.

.Shuiyuan St.

1. Section 1of Shuiyuan St. : It is at the mountain foot of Xuefu Rd. and Yingzhuan Rd.

2. Section 2 of Shuiyuan St.: It is divided by Danjin Rd., Tamsui Outer Ring Road or Teng-hui Boulevard, into the following two areas:

Ahead of No. 198 is commonly known as “beside the library”. The main street is narrow, full of scooters parked by students and difficult for cars passing over each other.

Behind No. 198 is commonly known as “behind the mountain”, which is remote and makes companionship inevitable for girls taking a stroll alone.

177th Lane of Shuiyuan St. is commonly known as “the temple area” .

41st and 43rd Lanes of Shuiyuan St. is commonly known as “Tzu-chiang 2nd Hall”.

Your security awareness is required because some of the housing is built along steep slopes and some is mezzanine housing.


. Beixin Rd.: The housing is featured with the newly-built housing and wholesomeness in housing structures, access control and fire protection safety. The quality is assured.

. Dazhong St.: Combined with large buildings and apartments. Extra security awareness is required in housing structures, access control and fire protection safety.

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