Tamkang University was first founded as a Tamkang Junior College of English in 1950, restructured as Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences and rectified as TamkangUniversity in 1980. Among the transition, Office of Military Education and Training had played a crucial role in the military education and campus security.

        In accordance to the Measures for Implementation of Military Training issued by Ministry of Executive Yuan in 1953 July 1st, Office of Military Education and Training was first founded in 1954 and employed no more than one Managing Director and four military instructors. In 1957 the office further employed Chief Instructor and Director Instructor, but the number employed remained five. Ever since Tamkang restructured as Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences, the number employed had expanded from five to 21 one after another due to the educational requirement and academic expansion and finally to 32 when Tamkang was rectified Tamkang University.
    Office of Military Education and Training, which developed from five to over 30-something instructors for the time being, contributes a lot to Tamkang’s Development. In respect to the university autonomy, Tamkang 60th Executive Council made the resolution that Office of Military Education and Training would be reserved, and however in accordance to the 6tharticle of the work rules, the military education would be carried out in the coordination of military instruction and daily-life guidance.

The Military Education for Students
1. Military Education
    In accordance to the 16th article of Military Service Law revised on 2013 Jan 2nd, Nursing Class remain unchanged, but Military Education was renamed Military Training in National Defense Basis that involved the five fields, such as International Situation, Defense Policy, National Defense, Defense Mobilization and Defense Technology, etc. All of which derived from Military Theories, War History, Defense Technology, Military Knowledge and National Security, integrating education with training.

2.The Daily-life Guidance
    The campus security and trouble shooting are the main concerns.

The Former Director Instructors




Employment Duration

Yearsin Office

First Phase : Tamkang Junior College of English (1950~1980)

Chen, Mao Xuan

1960 August~1965 July

6 years

Cheng, Xu

1965 August~1968 July

3 years

Liu, Xiu Zheng

1968 August~1970 July

2  years

Yang, Xiao Yi

1970 August~1977 July

7 years

Teng, Shao Gang

1977 August~1979 July

2  years

First and Second Phase:Tamkang College and Tamkang University(1950~1980)

Han, Rang Feng

1979 August~1985 July

6  years

Yuan, Zhong Lin

 1985 August~1990 July

5  years

Second Phase: Tamkang College and Tamkang University(1980~1996)

Shen, Tian Fu

1990 August~ 1998 September

8  years

Third Phase (1996~2005)

Cao, Zhong Li

1998 August~ 2000 July

2  years

Third and Fourth Phase(1996~2005)

Yao, Rong Tai

2000 August~2006 November

6 years

Fourth Phase (2005 to now)

Wang, Bang Zheng

2006 August~2008 July

2  years

Chen, Guo Liang

2008 December~2015 December

7 years

Chang,Pai Cheng 

2016 January~ 2021 July

5 years 


2021 Augus~2022 November

1 years 

Hu, Chu Fen

2022 December ~now



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