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Basic Data
Office phone number2009
Educational qualificationMaster of Business Administration, Hsuan Chuang University
Job title中校教官
職掌I. Daily-life Guidance
1.Planning and Execution of Public Service Education
2.Disaster Prevention Drills
3.Freshmen Seminar
4.Daily-life Guidance (Dept. Industrial Economics, Tourism, Foreign Languages)
5.Emergency Management
6.O.K. of Students’ Leaves
7.Emergent Hospitalization
8.Lost and Found
9.Order Maintaining of Character Activities and Assembly
II. General Affairs of Military Education
1.Military and Nursing Education, Public Service
2.Curriculum Planning of Military Education, Textbooks Purchase
3.Advocacy of Gender Equality, HIV Prevention and Screening
4.Chun-Huei Project, Inspection of Ban on Smoking
5.Public Service (including Character Education)
6.Offsetting of Military Service
7.Offsetting of Military and Nursing Education
8.Selection of Reserve Officers
III. Drop-in Assignments
the Guidance College and DepartmentsDept. Transportation Management
Dept. Industrial Economics
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